Columbia refers to employees, students, guests, and entities who receive payment for procurement transactions such as expense reimbursement, goods and services, honorarium, prizes or awards as vendors and suppliers. In order to make any of them eligible to receive payment from Columbia, a vendor profile must be created. This process is administered by the Columbia Vendor Management Team which is responsible for creating and maintaining all vendor profiles utilized to process transactions in Accounting & Reporting at Columbia (ARC).

Our business office assists departments in their efforts of requesting the creation and modification of vendor profiles for both domestic and international vendors. The vendor creation process and requirements vary depending on the type of vendor and payment transaction.

Submit your request to vendors@law.columbia.edu with the subject Create/Modify Employee & Student Profile and include the following information:

Submit your request to vendors@law.columbia.edu with the subject Create/Modify non-CU Profile, include the following information and required documents (reimbursement only does not require a tax form):



If the person came to the United States, include the following documents to validate their immigration status. Please reference International Payment for more information. 

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of visa type
  • Copy of entry stamp, I-94 (or ESTA Receipt)