Columbia Law School uses the services of Valerie Wilson Travel (VWT) to assist guests, students, faculty, and staff with air and rail travel. Departments must follow the steps below in order to book the reservation, and request approval.

Step 1 – Making a Reservation

Please create an email message with the subject: Passenger Name, Columbia Law School, and send the appropriate Booking Form to the travel agent of your choice. Please confirm the details of the trip with the travel agent before requesting approval. 

Step 2 – Requesting Approval

After confirming the reservation with the travel agent, please email the completed Travel Request Cover Form, and final itinerary along with the event flyer, agenda, or invitation to travel@law.columbia.edu for review and approval. If applicable, confirm compliance with Columbia International Travel Planning Policy.

Columbia International Travel Planning Policy

Columbia students, faculty, and staff, traveling outside the United States should register their trip with Columbia Travel in the event of an emergency abroad. Please visit the University’s Global Travel website to learn more and register a trip.

Valerie Wilson Booking Fees:

Columbia Law School uses the services of Minutemen and Odyssey to assist Guests, Students, Faculty, and Staff with ground transportation. First time users must email  travel@law.columbia.edu to request the account number. Once you have our internal account, contact Minutemen or Odyssey directly to make the reservation. Please submit a Car Service Form to travel@law.columbia.edu once the reservation is made for internal billing purposes with the subject: Car Service - Reservation Date 

Contact Reservations:

Accommodation for Guests

New Preferred Hotel Program for NYC

Procurement Services worked with specific hotels throughout Manhattan to ensure that these establishments offer competitive pricing and a variety of amenities to guests when booked through the Columbia University Preferred Area Hotels site

Effective January 1, 2020, the new program comprises seven preferred hotels, including the University’s first 4.5 star preferred hotel (The Warwick). Enhancements to the preferred hotel program include:

  • Competitive pricing, including a rate freeze or rate reduction at every hotel in the new program
  • Complimentary breakfast at four of the hotels (The Edge, The Belleclaire, The Arthouse and The Warwick New York)
  • High speed internet access (both wired and wireless)
  • More flexible cancellation policies
  • Reduced hotel blackout dates to help with high demand periods

Here is the list of negotiated rates: Preferred Hotel Rates

Booking Preferred Hotel

Reservations can only be made to accommodate Guests at these Preferred Hotels and needs to be paid directly using the P-Card. To make a reservation, click on the hotel link or call the Hotel directly and request the Columbia Rate:

  1. Edge Hotel
  2. Hotel Belleclaire
  3. Arthouse Hotel
  4. Warwick
  5. Aloft Harlem
  6. The Lucerne
  7. Hotel Beacon

For hotel accommodations of a Faculty, Staff, or Student, the person needs to pay out of pocket and request reimbursement. Please reference Reimbursement: Employees for more information.

Departments are encouraged to use the services of Valerie Wilson Travel (VWT) to assist individual students with Air and Rail Travel and make use of the T-Card to arrange for hotel accommodation. For groups of students traveling together, please complete Student Group Travel and submit to travel@law.columbia.edu.

For groups of students traveling together, please complete Student Group Travel and submit to travel@law.columbia.edu.  

Step 1: Trip/event coordinator makes all hotel reservations independently.

Step 2: Trip/event coordinator advises hotel of payment by corporate credit card.

Step 3: The hotel will ask the coordinator that the Law School submit a Credit Card Authorization Form by fax; typically, this form is emailed to the coordinator.

Step 4: Trip/event coordinator email the information below to travel@law.columbia.edu

  • Credit Card Authorization Form
  • Name of Traveling Party/Event
  • Dates
  • Hotel/Venue Name
  • Reservation Number
  • Rate per night + tax
  • ARC Department
  • LAW Project (Grant or Event Name)
  • Business Purpose with proof of event (ie: official invitation, flyer, etc.)

Step 5: Immediately upon completion of the trip/event, the trip/event coordinator submits a billing statement and/or folio of the stay to travel@law.columbia.edu

*** As soon as the Business Office has received all the information listed under Step 4, we will send out the Credit Card Authorization and confirm the booking with a fax transmission receipt to the attention of the trip/event coordinator. We recommend trip/event coordinators follow up with the hotel to confirm the receipt of the Credit Card Authorization.

Please note, the corporate card is limited to room and tax charges only. Any attempt to charge incidentals to this card will revoke the authorization to charge this card at all. Incidental services (such as room service, mini bar, telephone, internet, etc...) must not be charged to the room. Also, its imperative that the trip/event coordinator never shares or submits personal credit card details to the hotel. Providing the hotel with a personal credit card will result in the full charge on that card.