Petty Cash

Petty Cash funds may only be used for necessary and reasonable small business transactions costing $80 or less. All expenses must be accompanied by the original receipt and must be paid in cash. 

  • Emergency purchases of office supplies.
  • Small and reasonable food purchases brought into the office for business meetings, i.e. sandwiches and beverages.
  • Local cab fare, parking, and tolls (airfare, train tickets, and car rentals must be processed on a travel & business expense report).


How do I get reimbursed with Petty Cash? 

Please email your request to to check availability of funds.

Petty Cash cannot be used to pay for purchases over $80, expenses older than 120 days, out of town travel expenses, honorarium, services, equipment, alcohol, subscriptions, meals outside of the office, any credit card or debit card purchases.