LionMail is Columbia's state of the art email, contacts, and calendaring system, powered by Google. Official communications from the University will be delivered to your LionMail email account, so it is important that you activate your email account as soon as you can.


Visit the Orientation page and click on the activate email account link. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the email activation process.

Now that your email account is activated, you can sign into LionMail by visiting You will be re-directed to the University sign-in page.

Enter your UNI and password combination into the appropriate fields. There is no need to enter the "" suffix—just your UNI and password and then click on the login button to enter your LionMail account.

LionMail is Google Apps for Education. So if you are familiar with Gmail, then you already know how to use LionMail. However, there are a few differences. For instance, LionMail has unlimited space and there are no advertisements.

Please visit for detailed instructions and tutorials regarding the use of LionMail.

While most students have email addresses ending with "," you will notice that some Law School students have email addresses that end with "" The "" addresses are either email accounts on the Law School email system or Law School forwarding addresses.

Incoming students receive a "" address that automatically forwards to LionMail. There is no need to configure this address, the address is hardwired to send all mail to your LionMail account. Students can look up their full name email address in LawNet.

Please note, student full name email addresses expire on July 31st of the year you graduate. On the other hand, your LionMail account and address lasts forever as your lifelong alumni email. Reminders about the expiration of the "firstname.lastname" email address will be sent as the expiration date nears.

You may want to set up a mobile device such as an iPhone, Android device, or tablet to access LionMail. If so:

  • You must create a device password to use LionMail with your mobile devices and software clients
  • The same device password must be used on all your devices and software clients
  • This device password will be different from your UNI password

Please visit for detailed instructions about configuring mobile devices and other LionMail services.

Administrators, faculty, and your fellow students are eager to get in touch with you. Please check your LionMail account to stay updated on Law School news, activities, and other important information. Please remember to sign out of LionMail when you are done using its services.

Lesson summary

  • Students must activate their email accounts
  • Your email account is ""
  • Students can sign into LionMail by visiting
  • Incoming students receive a "" that automatically forwards to LionMail
  • "" accounts expire on July 31st of the year you graduate
  • LionMail accounts and addresses last forever as lifelong alumni email

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