Columbia University IT Policies

Image of policy shield

Information Technology at Columbia Law School (Law IT) abides by and upholds Columbia University’s IT policies, which foster a better, faster, and more secure technology experience for students, faculty, staff, and visitors by protecting the University’s computer systems, networks, data, and information resources.

Law IT suggests paying special attention to the University's policies on acceptable usage of information resourcessafer computing, and information security.

Use of the Law School's computing resources constitutes acceptance of the University's IT policies.

What constitutes a violation of IT policy?

  • Sharing your UNI or LawNet login credentials
  • Misrepresenting yourself in the FROM field of an email
  • Sending unofficial bulk email to Law School lists
  • Playing games on Law School computers
  • Downloading illegally copied movies, music, or software
  • Storing, sharing, or displaying copyrighted material without permission from the owner

Violation of the University’s IT policies can result in the withholding of grades, revocation of UNI and LawNet accounts, suspension, dismissal, termination of employment with the University, and/or investigation by the appropriate law enforcement agencies.