Information Center

The Information Center, or “Infocenter” as it is informally known, is located on the first floor of Jerome Greene Hall, and is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.

The Information Center:

  • Directs visitors and telephone inquiries
  • Provides general Law School information
  • Administers faculty and staff pantries
  • Administers student lockers
  • Administers the lost and found 
  • Processes incoming and outbound mail and parcels


At the start of the fall semester students may select one locker via the Web. Students are required to provide their own locks. Master Lock key locks, not combination locks, are recommended. Irreplaceable or expensive items should not be stored in lockers.

Students must remove locks and locker contents at the end of the school year. Items removed from lockers by the Information Center are stored for two weeks before being discarded.

Any and all thefts should be reported to:

  • Public Safety
  • The Dean of Students
  • The Information Center
  • Building Services
  • The Security Office (111 Low Library). Students will be asked to provide information to make an official report.

To reserve a locker, log onto LawNet and select the locker of your choice. For your reference, a map of the locker area is available online. All lockers are located on the first floor of Jerome L. Greene Hall and are maintained through the Law School Information Center. If you need help making your on-line selection, please contact the Student Technology Group in Jerome Greene Hall, Room 216I.

All locks and locker contents must be removed from lockers at the end of the school year. Returning students may select a new locker assignment at the start of each school year. Questions about lockers should be directed to the Information Center at 212-854-4477.

Flyers, Signage, and Event Promotion

Materials and noticed related to events, student organizations, and other opportunities for students can be shared through the following channels:

  • Law School events can be promoted on the monitors located in Jerome Greene Hall and William and June Warren Hall, as well as via the daily calendar email distribution. To have an event included on the monitors and in e-blasts, add it to the Law School event calendar
  • While making use of digital signage is generally preferred, easels for displaying event-related posters can be requested from the Info Center. Easels may be placed on the 1st and 3rd Floors of Jerome Greene Hall, in the designated areas outside the elevators. There is a limit of two easels per event. Event posters will be removed once the event has passed. Event organizers may request additional easels to display event-related signage while an event is underway (e.g., schedule of events, room assignments). 
  • Materials not related to events may be placed on bulletin boards in Law School buildings, but not on walls or doors, on desks or lockers, or in classrooms or elevators. Materials posted in locations other than bulletin boards will be removed, and we ask the help of sponsoring organizations or individuals to remove their postings once they are no longer valid. Bulletin boards are cleared by Facilities on a regular basis.

Lost & Found

The Information Center processes and stores all Lost & Found items for 30 days. After 30 days, unclaimed Lost & Found items are picked up by Public Safety and distributed as follows: 

  • Clothing items are deposited in Garment Collection bins located in Hartley and Wallach Halls 
  • Earphones and other items are discarded

The main Lost & Found for Morningside Campus is located at University Security, 1st floor Low Library, extension 212-854-2797.

Faculty and Staff Lounge Coffee Service

Jerome Greene Hall has staff pantries on the third and seventh floors, and a faculty lounge on the seventh floor. William and June Warren Hall has a staff pantry on the sixth floor. The staff pantries and faculty lounge are for use by staff and faculty only and may not be used for event support.

Mail Delivery and Processing

  • Inbound mail arrives from the Post Office midday, Mondays through Fridays. Express packages are delivered directly to the Information Center. The Information Center staff places a Notification of Package Delivery message in each addressee's mailbox. The addressee exchanges the notice for the package and signs for the package in the Information Center’s express package receipt log.
  • Outbound mail requires an account number. The Information Center’s staff may, at its discretion, ask University Central Mail to process large mailings. To ease processing, please band letter mail together with overlapping flaps. Envelopes larger than size 10 (4 1/8 inches x 9 inches) cannot be sealed by the postage machine and must be sealed by the sender.
  • USPS Mail is used for delivery of outbound international first-class mail. International first-class mail with no specific delivery requirement, which is not time sensitive is shipped via USPS airmail service. 
  • Parcels for domestic delivery are accepted; parcels for International delivery are to be taken directly to the local Post Office. If a shipment is time sensitive, the sender should specify the use of an expedited USPS services. Pre-paid UPS packages are picked up from the Infocenter throughout the day. Daily Fedex pick ups (Express only, no Ground) take place outside the Secretariat at 3 p.m.

Outbound mail collections occur Mondays through Fridays at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. at the following locations:

For more information about any of the services listed below, please contact coordinators John Soto or Melissa Rivera at 212-854-4477 or e-mail us.