LawNet is the name given to a set of online services that provide interactive access to the registration services databases of Columbia Law School. It allows Law School students to register for classes, view course schedules, access grades, change contact information, and much more.


LawNet is available at Navigate your browser to the LawNet URL and you will arrive at the LawNet sign-in page. Before you sign in, please make a note of the policy. LawNet is a protected area that contains confidential student information. Please protect your classmates' privacy and note that it is a breach of University policy to violate the privacy of student information.

Once you are done reading the policy statement, please sign into LawNet using your Law School username and password.

The first thing you may want to do is update your profile. Students can opt out of being listed on both the internal Columbia Law School directory, which is viewable only to the Law School community. Students can also opt out of the publicly available Columbia University directory.

If you would like to opt out of the Columbia Law School directory, please send an email to the Registration Services office at and someone will follow up. 

If you would like to opt out of the Columbia University directory, please visit

Once you have decided on the status of your profile, there are a few items that will require your attention. The first of which is your emergency contact.

Please add at least one emergency contact in the emergency field. This information will only be accessible by authorized administrators of the Law School and used only in an emergency. Click on an emergency contact link and use the "Add," "Edit," or "Delete" links to update your contacts accordingly. Also, please remember to click "Save" each time you edit a field that has a "Save" button.

Another field that may need updating is your address information. If this field is incomplete, please complete it. Enter your permanent home and local home phone numbers. You have the option of withdrawing your local home phone number from the online student directory as well. If you would like to suppress your address from the online student directory, please uncheck the box that reads, "Show this address in online student directory." 

Let's take a look at another field that may need updating. Whenever your phone number changes, please make sure to update your phone information.

There are a number of other features available in LawNet, but probably too many to go over in this brief tutorial. You can visit each feature of LawNet and view an instructional video on each feature. 

Please visit the remaining fields in your profile and determine if updates are needed or if there is a need to withdraw the field from the directory view.

Last but not least, please remember to sign out of LawNet when you are done using its services.

Lesson summary

  • LawNet is a protected area that contains student information
  • LawNet allows students to view, manage, and update their profiles
  • LawNet allows students to update their passwords
  • LawNet is a website for accessing a host of academic and student resources
  • LawNet is accessible from any browser at

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