Mail Services

Inbound mail delivery and outbound mail collection processing. 

Inbound Mail Delivery and Processing

Inbound mail arrives from the Post Office midday, Mondays through Fridays. Express packages are delivered directly to the Information Center. The Information Center staff will e-mail a Notification of Package Delivery message to the addressee. The addressee will then sign for the package in the Information Center’s express package receipt log.

Outbound Mail Collection and Processing

All outbound mail requires noting funding department.

If a shipment is time sensitive, the sender should specify the use of USPS expedited services.

Pre-paid UPS packages are picked up from the Info Center throughout the day. Daily Fedex pick ups (Express only, no Ground) take place outside the Secretariat at 3 PM.

Parcels for domestic delivery are accepted; parcels for International delivery are to be taken directly to the local Post Office.

Outbound mail collections occur Mondays through Fridays at 11 am & 2 pm at the following locations:

For more information about any of the services listed above, please contact John Soto or Melissa Rivera at 212-854-4477, or e-mail us.