Resources for Managers

Here we have compiled all necessary instructions and links to processes that you may need as a manager.


Tools & Resources for Managers


Please use the Law School Hiring Request Form for actions related to Officers of Administrative, Union Support-Staff, Officers of Research, and Officers of the Library. 

Please consult the Administrative Recruitment Policy Job Aid for the process of recruiting an administrative employee (officer or support staff level). Further instructions and details can be found in the Administrative Recruitment Guide. 


Please submit a list of job responsibilities and minimum requirements to [email protected] to begin a search for a temporary employee.

The most critical stage of the onboarding process is how you, the manager, prepare for a new employee. To ensure a smooth transition for both the department and a new employee, we have compiled a checklist to assist with the onboarding process. We hope you find this checklist useful in planning for the arrival of your new employee.  

  • As a manager, you may be responsible for reviewing and approving timesheets and absence requests for your direct reports. You can view the Training Guide for additional information or the Job Aid for step-by-step instructions.   
  • You have the ability to delegate your review and approval authority to another manager (a proxy) within your School/Admin unit. Delegation periods should not exceed 3 months. For more information and instructions, see the Job Aid
  • If any Officers are a direct report for you, you are responsible for approving their Quarterly Closeout. Information and closeout dates are available in the Job Aid

As a manager, you are expected to provide your officers of administration with written feedback on their performance. You have the option of either using the Law School Officer Performance Evaluation form or completing a brief narrative write-up of the performance discussion.  Managers who prefer to submit a narrative write-up should use the following factors to guide the performance discussion:

  • Ownership and Pride in Work
  • Cooperation and Collaboration
  • Service Excellence
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Managerial Effectiveness (if applicable)

In advance of the performance meeting, employees should complete the Employee Self-Assessment form


  • Delivering Performance Reviews Remotely: This webinar helps you prepare and deliver fair, honest and balanced performance reviews for your remote staff.
  • Performance Review Prep for Managers: There are a number of tools and resources available on the University's Learning & Development Course Offerings website to help you develop and prepare for delivering performance reviews remotely.