Dining & Food

Events at Columbia Law School (CLS) are normally organized by Special Events, Faculty Affairs, Faculty Assistants, Center/Program Coordinators, or Administrative Department Staff. Third party events at CLS are organized by the CLS liaison. Please refer to this guide for a successful event: Event Planning


COVID-19 Resource Guide

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Organize Events

All food delivery and drop-off on campus do not require a contract and payment is made against an invoice. However, a contract is required for events of 30 or more attendees. Please refer to Event Contracts

We strongly encourage you to choose from one of these vendors that have already been vetted and approved by Columbia University: Approved Master Agreement Vendors

    Catered Events

    A purchase order is strictly required for catered events that include waitstaff or other labor. Please know that if alcohol is served, a NYC Temporary Catering Permit is also required for each day of the event. Please refer to Purchase Orders

    Choose from one of these Preferred Caterers when catering events on campus: 

    Famiglia Pizza
    Contact: Jorge Tiburcio
    Phone: 212-865-1234

    Contacts:  Alonja Perez & Katie Konowich
    Phone: 201-343-0630

    Blake & Todd
    Contact: Sean Martin
    Phone: 917-565-2854

    Contact: Adriana Johnson
    Phone: 917-639-3919

    The Halal Guy
    Contact: Noaman Dar
    Phone: 516-439-0313

    Letters of Credit

    CLS issues Letters of Credit to Local Preferred Vendors for the following reasons:

    1. Refreshments for TA sessions and in-class Faculty-Student Events (P-Card payment)
    2. Sit down events at Local Preferred Venues with 29 or fewer attendees (Invoice payment)
    3. Faculty hosting events in their home (Invoice payment)
    4. Alcoholic Beverages purchase at Local Preferred Vendors (Invoice payment)
    5. Columbia Bookstore purchase (Invoice payment)

    To request a Letter of Credit Template* from the Business Office, email events@law.columbia.edu with the Subject: Letter of Credit Template and provide the following information:

    • Your Full Name
    • Name of your Department, Center, or Program
    • Mailing Address
    • Email Address
    • Phone Number

    For occasional, one-off events, email events@law.columbia.edu with the Subject: Letter of Credit* and provide the following information:

    • Vendor
    • Person Making Purchase 
    • Name of your Department, Center, or Program
    • Faculty Name & UNI (if applicable)
    • Purpose
    • Event Date
    • Location
    • Attendees #: List full names of attendees if 10 or fewer

    *Only authorized employees can issue Letters of Credit on behalf of Columbia Law School. 


    Hamilton Deli (212) 749-8924
    Strokos Gourmet Deli (212) 666-2121

    Ethiopian/Caribbean Cuisine

    Freda's Cuisine (646) 438-9832
    Massawa (212) 663-0505

    French Cuisine

    Le Monde (212) 531-3939

    Greek Cuisine

    Symposium (212) 865-1011

    Indian Cuisine

    Manhattan Valley (212) 222-9222
    Roti Roll (Bombay Frankie) (212) 666-1500

    Italian Cuisine

    Pisticci (212) 932-3500
    Famous Famiglia (212) 865-1234
    V & T Pizzeria (212) 666-8051

    Mediterranean Cuisine

    Marlow Bistro (212) 662-9020
    Samad's Gourmet (212) 749-7555

    Southern Cuisine

    Dinosaur Bar-B-Que (212) 694-1777

    Spanish Cuisine

    Tropical Sensation (212) 222-0098


    Morton Williams (212) 666-4190
    Westside Market (212) 222-3367

    Wine & Liquor

    International Wines & Spirits (212) 280-1850
    Martin Brothers Wines & Spirits (212) 222-8218
    The Winery NYC (212) 222-4866