Purchase Orders

The following types of goods and service providers require a Purchase Order prior to commencing work: graphic designers, video editors, photographers, leasing/rentals, software/licensing, translators and interpreters on campus, catering on campus, business and strategic consultants, general research, printing over $2,500 by vendors other than CU Print Services, and promotional merchandise. Departments are strongly encouraged to use Columbia Promotional Vendors which are licensed to use Columbia trademarks in the manufacture of emblematic products.

Please note that Purchasing can and has in the past rejected Purchase Order requests for work already completed.  It is very important that work not commence until after the Purchase Order has been approved by Purchasing for this reason. Also, please be mindful that consultants must include their travel expenses on the invoice as it is work-related and therefore taxable to them.

Request a Purchase Order

Submit your request to purchasing@law.columbia.edu with the subject PURCHASE ORDER followed by the vendor name, include all appropriate information, and attach all required documents for a requisition to be initiated.

On Site work including repairs, consultancy, catering, wait staff, moving services etc. requires a COI and a NYS Liquor Permit if alcohol is served. “The Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York” must be listed as the Certificate Holder and under Description of Operations it should read "The Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York, its trustees, officers, agents and employees as additional insured."

Please be advised that additional information and documents such as bids may be requested depending on the amount and the type of goods and services. A list of documents required by goods/service provider type can be viewed here.