Safety and Emergency Services

The Law School and the university offer a range of safety and emergency-related services, as well as crime prevention tips to help our community be safe in and around the campus.

Crime Prevention Tips

  • Do not place laptop computers or valuables in lockers.
  • Keep laptop computers in full sight at all times.
  • Use a security cable to lock laptops to anchors found at desks throughout the law library; cables are available at wholesale pricing through the Crime Prevention office at Columbia University Public Safety.
  • Have your laptop engraved with a unique ID number that is kept on file with the New York Police Department and Columbia University Public Safety.
  • Back up important files to the H: drive on your network account.
  • During the exams period, be alert of your surroundings and double-check your locker to make sure it is secured. 
  • Please inform the Building Services and Operations team of any property thefts at the Law School.

We encourage you to review this section of the site, and add key safety-related contact information to your mobile phone for quick access in case of emergency. To report any suspicious activity or persons:

Step 1: Call Public Safety

Phone: 212-854-5555, or 99 from a campus phone

Step 2: Call Building Services and Operations

Tony Pallone, Director of Building Services and Operations

Phone: 212-854-2630
Email: [email protected]

Luis Santiago, Assistant Director of Building Services and Operations

Phone: 212-854-0118
Email: [email protected]