Resources for Employees

Tools & Resources for Employees

COVID-19 Telecommuting and FAQs

Please refer to this webpage for Law School employee information regarding telecommuting guidance and protocols.

Columbia University also offers its employees an array of benefits to suit your needs. Some benefits include:

Fall 2019

Computer Tips, Tricks, Shortcuts and Essentials - Learn how to maximize the capabilities of the programs we use on a daily basis - Windows, Excel, Word, Google Chrome, and LionMail. The Law School IT department will cover their favorite tips, tricks, shortcuts, and other timesavers to supercharge your computing experience.
The following sessions will be held in the Computer Lab in 2161 Jerome Greene Hall. 

Unconscious Bias Awareness Workshop  - This workshop will explore how to help us better understand situations where implicit bias may come into play and foster a deeper understanding of how we can create an inclusive environment. The training workshop will feature several case studies and simulations that are designed to be specific to the Law School experience. 
The following sessions will be held in Case Lounge in Jerome Greene Hall. 

Having Challenging Conversations - In this workshop, you will learn effective strategies on how to deliver constructive feedback and avoid common pitfalls when engaging in difficult conversations. 


Spring 2020

Active Shooter* - Become better prepared to respond to an active shooter situation in this seminar. This training provides guidance to managers and employees and will explore recommendations to mitigate the risk from active shooter attacks. Scheduled for March 2020. Please check back for confirmed date. 

How to Better Understand and Communicate with Millennials and Gen Z - Millennials (born 1981 to 1996) and Generation Z (born 1997 and later) are your students and increasingly your professional colleagues, and they are bringing tremendous change to the university community. In this dynamic program, New York Times best-selling author Lindsey Pollak, often called a translator between generations, will help you better understand your campus’s younger generations and provide actionable strategies to interact together in harmony. Attendees will discover the key communication preferences of Millennials and Gen Z — and how to integrate these preferences with other generations’ preferences; hear about best practices from higher ed professionals who are successfully integrating all generations together; and learn tactical strategies to better understand and engage with Millennials and Gen Zs so that everyone achieves their goals.

Delivering Timely Coaching and Feedback - This workshop will provide managers with resources, guidance, and practice in delivering timely feedback to their team. The 3-hour workshop will be lead by Columbia University's Learning & Development team, and is available to Law School faculty and administrative leaders supervising officers and support staff.

Cultivating Inclusion Workshop* - The goals of this workshop are to increase our understanding of the concepts of "privilege" and "unearned advantage/disadvantage," to explore how we can use our places of privilege to be an ally to others, to strategize (and practice) how to have courageous and challenging conversations with colleagues at work, and to learn how to use micro-affirmations to promote inclusion. 

  • Monday, March 16, 2020 - CANCELLED 

* Dates are to be determined.

Compliance Training
  • Anti-Harassment, Discrimination and Title IX - All employees of Columbia University (Officers of Administration and Instruction, Support Staff, Student Casuals, etc) are required to complete the Anti-Harassment, Discrimination and Title IX training. 
  • New York Anti-Sexual Harassment Training - All employees, including faculty, staff, researchers, librarians, and student workers, are mandated under New York State and New York City legislation to complete this training. It will be assigned upon your hiring date, at which you will have 30 days to complete. 
  • Working with Minors - Members of the Columbia University community who interact with, supervise, chaperone or otherwise oversee minors in programs or activities at, or sponsored by, the University are required to take the Protection of Minors training.
  • Research Compliance - Officers of Research or those who have research-related responsibilities are required to complete the appropriate compliance trainings, which can be found using the Training Finder
Professional & Management

Effective 1/1/2021, the existing New York City Earned Safe and Sick Time Act was amended to increase the number of safe and sick hours from 40 to 56 and provides for immediate use as soon as it is earned. Important: these hours are not in addition to sick time provided by the University. These hours run concurrently.

Casuals and Variable Hours Officers earn New York Safe and Sick Time at a rate of 1 hour for every 30 hours worked, up to a maximum of 56 hours earned in a fiscal year.

Support Staff and Student Casuals

Employees who are paid on a bi-weekly basis are expected to report their hours worked and absences taken each pay period. This information is entered and submitted electronically through the Time & Labor and Absence Management (TLAM) system, accessed via the MyColumbia portal. 

  • 2020-2021 Support Staff Memo 
  • Timesheets are typically due on the Friday at the end of each pay period. However, deadlines may be moved earlier due to holiday scheduling. Please always refer to the Bi-weekly Payroll Schedule. 
  • Employees are typically paid the following Friday after the pay period. 
Officers of Administration 

Employees who are paid on a semi-monthly basis are expected to report their absences on an ongoing basis. Absences, such as vacation and sick leave, need to be requested through the Time & Labor and Absence Management (TLAM) system, accessed via the MyColumbia portal.

  • Officers are required to review and submit their Officer Quarterly Closeouts at the end of each quarter. 
  • Payment is issued on the 15th and the last day of the month. 


As an employee of Columbia University, you have access to a variety of discounts and perks. Discounts include tickets to movies theaters and amusement parks, wireless phone plans, travel, gym memberships, hotels, car rentals, and much more. For additional information and how to access these discounts, please see the Columbia Discounts & Perks page.  

Columbia University's Office of Work/Life encourages the well-being of the Columbia community and its members in pursuit of a healthy academic, personal, and work life balance. Their office provides services and access to: 

Columbia University Transportation offers a number of travel options and information that allow the Columbia community safe, efficient, and timely travel to, from, and within Columbia campuses.  Download the Shuttle App - PassioGo! - to check the location and routes. 

Information on mass transit, biking, ride shares, and sustainability incentives, visit the Columbia Transportation page.