Laptop Loaner Program for Students

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There are two types of laptops available:

Non Exam Related Loaner Laptops

Understanding there are many scenarios in which a law student might need a loaner laptop, Law IT permits law students to borrow a Google Chromebook from the HelpDesk for a temporary period of time. These laptops are designed to be used primarily while connected to the Internet, with most applications and documents residing in the cloud. These laptops are designed to run LionMail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Courseworks, and many internet based applications (which does not include Examsoft’s Softest).     

  • Note taking in class
  • Replacement laptop while main laptop is being repaired
  • Forgotten laptop at home   
  • etc…    

Loaner Laptop For Exams

We’ve also heard that there are times when a student’s main laptop becomes unreliable or unavailable during, or immediately prior to, exams. Should this scenario occur, you can borrow a MacBook Air laptop which has the advantage of supporting both the MacOS and Windows, and Examsoft’s Softest. Alternatively, PC-based laptops running Windows 7 will also be available as loaner laptops.

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Type of Laptop Needed