STAR Program Recipients Fall 2019

The STAR Program offers Columbia Law School administrative staff a way to acknowledge and express appreciation for co-workers who make a difference in their everyday work life.

Pictured below: STAR Award recipients with Dean Lester (Left to Right) Michael Kerman, Dylan Glickel, Dean Gillian Lester, and Brenda Eberhart

fall star 2019

Fall 2019

These are the recipients of the Staff Appreciation and Recognition (STAR) Program for the Fall 2019. In addition to being recognized at our Law School staff luncheon, recipients will receive $2,000 and a crystal STAR award as a signal of the school’s appreciation.


brenda eberhart
Brenda Eberhart
Associate Director
Clinical Programs

Brenda has been described as the glue that holds the clinics together.  Her unfailingly positive attitude conveys a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and inspires and lifts up those around her. She is always available to those in need, and members of the Law School community (faculty, students, and staff) naturally gravitate toward her. Brenda has been described as a strong leader and innovator. She is a problem solver who always puts the interests of the clinical faculty, students, and clients above her own.  We are delighted to recognize Brenda’s endless contributions to the Law School by presenting her with the STAR award. 



dylan glickel
Dylan Glickel
Faculty Support Services

Dylan’s nominators describe him as someone who has both a natural ability to identify opportunities for process and workflow improvements and who is eager to implement them to improve efficiency. He often goes above and beyond to assist faculty and administrative colleagues, and never loses his cool—even when faced with difficult and stressful situations.   He is viewed as a leader, so much so that he was selected by his peers to serve as a Union Shop Steward and as a member of Columbia University’s Green Leaders group (which works to improve campus sustainability). Dylan is very deserving of the STAR award, for all his contributions–both large and small.



michael kerman
Michael Kerman
Associate Director of Career Advising
Office of Career Services and Professional Development

Michael was nominated for Innovation, Leadership, and Citizenship. While he demonstrates these qualities in his day-to-day work, most recently he took on a leadership role in the Office of Career Services’ new collaboration with the Davis Polk Leadership Initiative’s Student Innovation Grant recipients. His nominators described him as “extremely dedicated to his counseling role”’; “fully engaged in whatever he undertakes”; and “always thinking of others before thinking of himself”.  He is highly respected and admired by his colleagues, who have described him as a deep and creative thinker, and students consistently praise him for his kind advice. For these reasons, and many more, we are so pleased to be able to call Michael a Columbia Law School STAR.