Delivery and food drop-off on campus can be paid on the P-Card. If the food is dropped off some place other than campus, payment must be made against an invoice only. Please reference Payments for more information. 

    Catered events on campus, i.e. with wait staff and other labor, strictly require a purchase order. Please reference Purchase Orders for more information.

    The following list of vendors are our preferred caterers and departments are strongly encouraged to cater their events using one of these vendors:

    • Alice on Six
    • Between the Bread
    • Dig Inn Seasonal Market
    • Food Trends
    • Gracious Thyme
    • K of New York LLC
    • Kitchenette
    • Scholastic
    • Sterling Affair
    • Y&P Enterprise/Corner Café

    Gatherings of 30 or more attendees require a formal event contract which must be fully executed in advance of the event. Columbia does not require a contract for gatherings of 29 or fewer attendees and drinks only events. Please reference Contracts for more information.