Posting Course Materials on CourseWorks

The Law School will be making the transition to the Columbia University supported Canvas learning management system for all courses for the Fall 2018 semester.  More information about the transition to Canvas will be available in the next several weeks.

For the Spring 2018 semester - the Sakai based learning management system that has been used for the past few years - will still be used at the Law School. 

All Law School CourseWorks sites are set up with six basic functions (known as "tools"). These are: AnnouncementsFiles and ResourcesMailtoolEcho 360Lawnet PortalTextbooks and Site Settings.  Instructions on how to use each of these functions is included in the chart below.  By using the Site Settings tool - several other functions can be selected and then included in the site. See the section on Training and Support Resources for more assistance in using the basic tools or any of the other available tools.

Students will have access to materials when registration for the Spring  2018 semester is released - at some point during December. The Law School Registrar will let faculty know when the student registration is in the system.

To access a CourseWorks site - simply log into CourseWorks with your UNI

Please note that the Law School LawNet services for registration (class lists and seating charts), grades, and course evaluations is still being used for these functions. The LawNet service uses the Law School specific login - rather than the UNI.

****** Please see the updated - Frequently Asked Questions below - and the Quick Start Guide from the Law School IT Department ******

Files and Resources
Law School Echo 360

This will link to audio recordings of class sessions scheduled through the Law School IT Multimedia Department (212)854 2400

LawNet portal

This is a link to the lawnet portal


More information on posting textbooks is included below

site settings

More information about site settings is included below

Where to find textbook information for Law School courses:

Textbook information that has been entered into the CourseWorks database can be found in the following places:

How to post textbook information for Law School courses:

Columbia University has created a specialized database for entering textbook information as a part of the University CourseWorks system. Because this database is a University resource (not a Law School service), faculty will need use their “UNI”  (not LawNet) network ID to access this service. 

Book orders will be created from the information posted

The University Bookstore uses the data posted on the CourseWorks system to order books.  The Law School Secretariate will no longer contact faculty to inquire about ordering textbooks.

Step 1: Log in into CourseWorks

Log into the CourseWorks system

Step 2: Click on “Next Semester”

Once you are logged into the CourseWorks system  you should see the courses listed for the current semester. If the course you wish to access is taught the next semester select the “Next Semester”button in the left-hand navigation menu.

arrow pointing to next semester

You will then see the course number and course title for courses offered next semester. Click on the appropriate course number and the NewCourseworks site for that course should appear.

sample course number and course title

Step 3: Select “Textbooks” on the left menu, then select Add textbooks

arrow pointing to the word textbooks

The CourseWorks database was designed so that the only information required is to enter an ISBN number. The CourseWorks database is connected with another database that will retrieve the book title, author, publisher and copyright information and yet another database that will retrieve price information. This information will be transmitted to the Columbia University Bookstore and books will be ordered for your course.

arrow pointing to enter textbook ISBN


Once the textbook information is displayed there is also a “notes” box that will appear. This is where any additional message about the book you wish to enter can also be displayed to students.

For assistance in learning more about using the CourseWorks system you can contact the Law School Educational Technology DepartmentIT help desk or use the resources at the Columbia Center for Teaching and Learning -(CTL)

Law School Educational Technology

Brian Donnelly
Director of Educational Technology and Lecturer in Law  212-854-3198

Law School IT helpdesk

General Support Information on CourseWorks

Knowledge Base on Using CourseWorks

Support Helpline 212-854-9058 (answered by knowledgeable educational technologists) 

Columbia Center for Teaching and Learning Staff Who Support Law Faculty

Andre Laboy
Educational Technologist II 212-854-0208


CTL Faculty Support Lab, Butler Library  Room 204

By using the Site Settings tool and selecting Edit Tools button - several other functions can be selected and then included in the site.  Brief explanations of a few of the more popular tools is included below. See the section on Training and Support Resources for more assistance in using the basic tools or any of the other available tools.

Several tools are available besides the basic tools that are listed by default. To add a tool - simply select the check box next to a tool scroll down to "continue" then "finish".

An arrow pointing to the Edit Tools button

Short Video Introductions on some of the more popular Tools  

screenshot of a list of tools

To import folders and files from previous semesters - click on Site Settings and then select Import from Site.  Choose "I would like to merge my data" - Then select the course from the semester you would like to import and then the Files and Resources tool  and Finish  -     More explanation is available in the QuickStart: New Courseworks Content Migration Guide.

Files (several files at one time) can be easily uploaded to your CourseWorks site- there is an application called "web dav" that can be used.  More information about using "web dav" is available for Windows Computers and Apple Computers.

arrow pointing to Show Other Sites

What is the difference between CourseWorks, the old courseweb system and Lawnet?

CourseWorks is the University  learning management system.  It is used by more than 3,000 courses from almost every part of the University.  The courseweb system is the platform previously used at the Law School for more than a decade – CourseWorks has now replaced the old system for all Law School courses, starting in the Spring 2015 semester.
LawNet is the Law School database that has class lists, seating charts, grades, and course evaluations. The LawNet service uses the Law School specific login - rather than the UNI

How do I log into CourseWorks?

You can do directly to the CourseWorks page at: and use your UNI username and password a link is also available from the home page.

What if I do not know my UNI for CourseWorks?

There is a web site at the University where you can try to recover your password:

If that does not work, you can call: CUIT Service Desk: support by phone 212-854-1919 or Email (Brian Donnelly can also submit a ticket on your behalf at the University if these options do not seem to work.)

What if I do not know my law school username and password for Lawnet?

Please contact the Law School helpdesk support by phone  212-854-1370 or by email at

How do I send an email to my class?

There are two ways to get a message out to your students:
1. Use the “announcements” tool and choose the option to send an email at the bottom of the page; or
2. Use the “email tool”.

How do I post a syllabus?

Most faculty post their syllabus in the "Files and Resources" section. Usually by creating a folder with the title syllabus and then uploading a file to the folder.


CopyrightThe Law School participates in the Copyright Clearance Center program for obtaining permission to use copyrighted materials in both hard-copy “coursepacks” and materials posted online in the Courseweb system.

Copyright laws apply equally to both hard-copy and digitally distributed materials on Coursewebs. Further information about copyright issues can be found at the Columbia Libraries/Information Services Copyright Advisory Office.