Technology for Student Organizations

Law IT provides student organizations with a range of digital services, systems, and technology in support of their respective missions.

With more than 100 student organizations at the Law School, most students are active in at least one. Law IT provides student organizations with a Law School email address, website, and network account.

Please request login credentials for these services from outgoing executive board members or group leaders. If you are unable to obtain login credentials for an existing organization, or are representing a new organization, email Student Services to initiate the process of obtaining login credentials.


Student organizations are able to request a website.

Prior to requesting a web presence, Law IT suggests that you reference the List of Student Organizations and explore the websites that other groups maintain. Before submitting a request, it is helpful to have a navigation structure in mind (e.g. About, Events, Executive Board, Contact Us) and to know who in your group will be managing and updating content.

Email the helpdesk to request a website

Law School Network Account

Student organizations are entitled to one Law School network account.

A Law School network account enables student organizations to access a shared G drive and to print up to 4,000 pages per academic year. Please note that these pages cannot be transferred to individual student accounts.

It is important to communicate with outgoing board members and leaders to learn how they collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and slides—some organizations store files on a shared G drive, others prefer Dropbox or similar file hosting services.