Student Casual Employment

If you are being hired at the Law School as a Teaching Assistant (TA), Research Assistant (RA), Office Assistant, Proctor, etc., you are responsible for completing hiring paperwork and submitting them to the Human Resources office within 72 hours of your first day of work.

If you are being hired as a Work-Study, please refer to the Work-Study instructions.

Please adhere to the following instructions on how to submit your paperwork. 


  • Download hiring paperwork packet

    Complete the appropriate packet in its entirety, including signed authorization from your supervisor. 

  • Complete I-9 Form

    Effective March 8, 2021: Appointment Required for I-9 Processing

    New Hires/Rehires Working in New York City

    New hires/rehires working in New York City, whether remotely or on campus, must complete their I-9 in person on campus. The I-9 Anywhere service will no longer be available within New York City. Appointments at Kent Hall (Morningside) can be made through the calendar on the CUHR Website.

    1.       New hires should complete Section 1 using the standard newi9 link.

    2.       After section 1 is complete, the new hire should select an appointment time to complete section 2 at Kent Hall. Please select the Morningside/Manhattanville (Kent Hall) campus location for Section 2.

    To ensure social distancing, appointments are required to be seen by an I-9 Representative. Walk-ins cannot be accommodated at this time. If you miss your appointment time, you must schedule a new appointment.

    If you are a rehire and you completed your last I-9 less than 3 years ago, please check wih HR to determine whether or not a new I-9 is required.

    New Hires/Rehires Not Working in New York City

    At this time, the I-9 Anywhere process remains available to all new hires working outside New York City. A job aid with step-by-step instructions is available on the HR website. You must keep your I-9 Anywhere appointments or reschedule them at least 48 hours in advance.


    1.       You must have their start date prior to beginning the I-9 process. You will not be able to complete section 1 or schedule an appointment without the hire date.

    2.       Please select “Columbia University – E-Verify” as the location when you begin your section 1 transaction.

    New Hires/Rehires Not Working on Campus (limited circumstances)

    If very extenuating circumstance, and on a temporary basis due to COVID-19,  if the hiring school/department and the new hire are both currently working remotely 100% of the time, you may be able to complete your I-9 virtually. Please reach out to with the circumstances' and copy the law school's HR department. Please note, that even with the virtual document inspection, you must present the original, unexpired documents in person to be re-inspected within three business days of returning to work onsite. 

    Please be sure to view the User Guide for further instruction.

    For any questions, please speak with the Law School's Office of Human Resources


  • *For International Students only

    Please inform your supervisor if you do not have a US Social Security Number or have not applied for one yet. 

    You will need to bring the following documents when submitting your paperwork to our office: 

    • Passport
    • Visa
    • I-20
    • I-94 
  • Submit packet

    Submit the packet to Dina Muthana via email to